Art and creativity have the power to heal, open up new means of expression, and bring greater meaning to our lives. Since 2012 I have used the Creativity in Therapy blog to share my knowledge and inspire other therapists to bring creativity to their work. The online courses will give mental health professionals a deeper understanding of the power of art in therapy, tools that they can use in their work to effect client change, and a stronger connection with their own creativity.

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  • Carolyn Mehlomakulu

    Carolyn Mehlomakulu

    I believe that art and creativity can be healing and bring meaning to our lives. As a therapist, I integrate art in to my work to help clients express emotions, uncover new possibilities, find joy and meaning, and experience the healing benefits of creativity.I am a Board Certified Art Therapist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor. I am currently in private practice and work with children, teens, and young adults to overcome depression, anxiety, and trauma. I also have experience working in in-patient settings, foster care groups homes, community mental health, schools, and probation services. You can learn more about my work at I founded the Creativity in Therapy blog in 2012 as a way to share my knowledge and love of art in therapy with others. You can see the blog at