Enhance your work through the power of art and creativity.

This 7-hour course was developed for helping professionals who want to support their clients or students through creative and art-based activities.

Topics include:

The benefits of engaging in art and creative activity
Your role in facilitating creative activity
Supporting discussion and sharing about the art
Choosing art media and activities based on your goals
Using art to support healthy coping, emotional regulation, and mindfulness
Creative approaches to build insight, self-awareness, and intuition

This course combines teaching with guided art exercises to help you deepen your understanding.

Recreation therapists, mental health support professionals, behavior aids, teachers, coaches, pastors, retreat facilitators, and other helping professionals are all welcome to learn more about the power of art and creativity through this course.

If you are a licensed (or pre-licensed) mental health clinician, this course may feel too basic and I recommend looking at the other available courses.

What to Expect:

This self-paced online course combines a variety of teaching methods to help you deepen your learning - video presentations, self-reflection questions, and several guided art exercises.

Learn how to facilitate creative activity in a way that supports your clients and students, as well as learn several specific activities to try. 

The course will take approximately 7-hours to complete, including the time spent on guided art activities. This may vary based on how much time you would like to spend on each

Course Objectives:

1. List the benefits of engaging in creative activities and art.
2. Describe the role of a helping professional in using supportive, creative activities.
3. Select appropriate art activities for your client’s needs.
4. Explain how different art media can impact the creative experience.
5. Facilitate sharing about and exploring the art meaning and process.
6. Identify potential ethical issues and plan to respond to challenging situations.

Creativity can be a powerful tool in your work.

Learn to use art to enhance coping, mindfulness, self-awareness, and more.

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Course curriculum


  • Carolyn Mehlomakulu


    Carolyn Mehlomakulu

    I believe that art and creativity can be healing and bring meaning to our lives. As a therapist, I integrate art in to my work to help clients express emotions, uncover new possibilities, find joy and meaning, and experience the healing benefits of creativity. I am a Board Certified Art Therapist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor. I am currently in private practice and work with children, teens, and young adults to overcome depression, anxiety, and trauma. I also have experience working in in-patient settings, foster care groups homes, community mental health, schools, and probation services. You can learn more about my work at www.therapywithcarolyn.com. I founded the Creativity in Therapy blog in 2012 as a way to share my knowledge and love of art in therapy with others. You can see the blog at www.creativityintherapy.com 

Bonus material

  • Downloadable Handouts

    Note PDFs in each can be downloaded for ongoing reference. The handouts will include the essential information that is covered, as well as all the art activity ideas that are shared, so you don't have to take notes.

  • Consultation

    Have questions or want some consultation about how to use the course material in your work? All participants will be able to ask questions and get suggestions through the course Discussion feature or by email.


  • Is this course right for me?

    I created this course because I often get interest in my other courses from helping professionals who are not working in a therapist/counselor/clinician role, but want to be able to offer some supportive art to the people they are working with. This course is intended to speak to those helpers, including coaches, mental health support staff, behavioral interventionists, teachers, peer counselors, healing art facilitators, and retreat leaders. I believe that most recreation therapists will find this course sufficient for the learning that they are looking for, but are also welcomeIf you are still wondering if this course is right for you, send me an email at carolyn@creativityintherapy.com and I'd be happy to help you decide.

  • Does this course certify or teach me to do art therapy?

    No, it doesn't. Art therapy requires a Master's degree and extensive training. While this course will help you facilitate art experiences that may feel therapeutic or have emotional benefits, this is not art therapy.

  • What do I need for this course?

    To engage in the course material, you'll need a device that allows you to read the material and watch the videos. You are also encouraged to take pictures of completed artwork and upload to the course to share with myself and other participants. For art supplies, you'll need a source of collage images (e.g., magazines or digital images) and a few types of drawing and painting media. You are also encouraged to have some type of 3D material, like clay or found objects. If your supplies are limited, most of the activities can be adapted to fit what you have, but I would encourage you to use this opportunity to explore a variety of art media.

  • Do I have to be online at a certain time? How long do I have access to the course materials?

    This course is designed for you to work through it at your own pace and whenever you would like. You have an indefinite amount of time to access the course since there is no set expiration date (I can't promise lifetime access, of course, but I don't plan to take the material down any time soon.)

  • What if I have question now? Or during the course?

    I'm happy to answer questions! Feel free to send me an email at carolyn@creativityintherapy.com before you sign up if you have any questions. If you decide to enroll in the course, you are free to post questions to the Discussion feature in the course or send me an email.

Price: $97

Cancellations/Refunds: You may request a refund within 48 hours of purchase if you decide that this course is not right for you. No refunds will be issued if more than 25% of the course material has been viewed or if notes have been downloaded.

Bring more creativity to your work in helping others.

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Grievance Policy

Creativity in Therapy seeks to ensure equitable treatment of every person and to make every attempt to resolve grievances in a fair manner. Please submit a written grievance to: Carolyn Mehlomakulu at carolyn@creativityintherapy.com, 512-660-7279. Grievances would receive, to the best of our ability, corrective action in order to prevent further problems. 

Accommodations for the Differently Abled

Individuals needing special accommodations, please contact: Carolyn Mehlomakulu, carolyn@creativityintherapy, 512-660-7279.