Do you love using creative approaches to help your clients be more engaged, express themselves, and find new insights?

Are you looking for a deeper, more integrated understanding of how to use art in therapy?

Do you want to be more confident in choosing the art directives and media that will best help your clients?

The "Creativity in Therapy" workshop series meets in-person for 6 sessions in Austin, TX.

The next series will be Fall 2018, dates and registration info TBD.

This online course has been created to supplement the workshops. You can use the online course to make-up missed sessions, review lessons, or download handouts for reference.

In addition to video trainings and selected articles to read, guided art experiences throughout the course will help spark your own creativity and enhance learning.

What To Expect:

For the in-person workshops, we will meet for 6 sessions, 2 hours each. Each workshop meeting with include informational training, hands-on art making experiences, and time for case consultation.

There is no additional cost for the online course if you have already paid for the in-person workshops. I have created it as a bonus for you so that you can truly get your money's worth out of the series. 

If you miss a workshop or ever want to review the material, you can access the material through this online course, but all participation in the online course is completely optional.

Course Curriculum:

I'm so excited to have you join me for this new course! Art can be an amazing tool to help your clients express themselves, grow, and heal. You will leave the course with a deeper understanding of what your clients are communicating in their art, how the art process can facilitate change, and how you can better guide your clients through creative healing.